Talk about upside potential.

In the recession, lots of entrepreneurs have had to bootstrap their startups. They’re dying for talent, but can’t pay salaries. Meawhile, there are lots of smart people willing to work for, um, “alternative” compensation (i.e., equity, low pay, or nothing), because they want to build their resume, take a shot at a startup or just do something with their unemployed selves.

Enter JobNob.

Our smart friends at JobNob bring the two sides together. They have held eight successful mixers in Silicon Valley for job-seekers to connect with startups, and they’re brining the show to New York on Feb. 9…

A daily review of the employment fallout around the country and the world.

Today’s Total: 2,328

Lost Angeles Mayor Villaraigosa has ordered 1,000 municipal job cuts… Hartford, CT based insurance company Aetna Inc. has laid off 625 employees 200 Wayne County employees are in danger of losing their jobs if the county’s temporary layoff plan isn’t implemented… Republic Airways Holdings Inc. will be transitioning to jet service, resulting in 175 employee layoffs this coming April… California’s Alvord School District is considering 128 staff layoffs Wisconsin’s Bay Shipbuilding Co. is planning 116 job cuts due to begin in early April…General Motors will leave 64 Jacksonville warehouse workers jobless this March… Beverly Hills Unified School District is recommended to lay off 20 teachers to meat budget cuts.

You’ve drowned in self-pity and drunk yourself into depression. Now as a victim of the recession it might be time to try doing something new and slightly more productive with your free time—like helping someone else as a volunteer.

After all, scouring online job boards and e-mailing potential business contacts can’t take up all of your spare time. And with more than 63 million people volunteering in the past year—almost 2 million more than the number who volunteered during the 2007/2008 period—there’s no telling who you’ll meet while helping out, or what that new contact could lead to. All in all, the experience could add a bullet point to your resume, and perhaps lead you to a job. Oh, and your efforts help those in need (besides yourself).

The trickiest part may be getting started. After the jump we’ve put together a roundup of a few of the many interesting websites and mobile applications devoted to helping people find projects in their local communities and beyond….

A daily review of the employment fallout around the country and the world.

Today’s Total: 1,488

In Kansas City, DST Systems Inc. is expected to lay off 700 employees, 7 percent of the company workforce… Gov. Gibbons of Nevada is proposing a budget plan that will include 300 layoffs… In the metro Atlanta area, CompuCredit Corp. has terminated 200 positions… Miami’s AeroThrust Corp. has announced 129 layoffs, effective April 1… Michigan’s Steelcase furniture maker has laid off 65 workers, claiming that another 85 cuts are possible… The Mamaroneck School District is considering to lay off 54 employees by next year…Omaha-based Infogroup has laid off 40 employees this week… Hazleton, PA. is warned to expect an undeclared number of municipal layoffs this coming May…

A daily review of the employment fallout around the country and the world.

Today’s total: 17,011

Verizon will cut 13,000 landline jobs because everyone now uses cellphones…Oracle will lay off less than 2,000 after its merger with SunThe Home Depot Inc. plans to lay off 1,000 employees as well as close three pilot projects… Sitel, a Memphis, TN call-center, is cutting 426 positions, 264 of which were temporary…

The first time John Wells had his script about corporate layoffs ready to go, the timing was less than ideal.

He’d been inspired by a brother-in-law who lost his job in the dot-bomb, but the economy got back on its feet pretty swiftly, and there didn’t seem to be an appetite for his movie, The Company Men.

You can see where this is going, so I’ll spare you the transition.

The mancession movie, which stars Ben Affleck (yay), Tommy Lee Jones (double yay) and Chris Cooper as smug executives who lose their jobs, finally started shooting in 2009 and is being screened at Sundance right now…

I’m unemployed, sort of. I was laid off from my job about a year ago. Now, I’m self-employed, which sometimes feels like unemployed: having to get my own health insurance, scrap together my own income from freelance projects, create my own “office” at home or at coffee shops. But most of all, it’s outlook and attitude that makes all the difference.

Some folks who have been laid off are bitter towards their former employer, their friends, the world at dumping them out on the street. I don’t blame them for their frustrations. It ain’t easy.

But you don’t turn around an undesirable situation with grumbling, passive aggression, a sense of entitlement, bullying or any other behaviors that, face it, don’t make you feel all that great. (At least, not for more than a few minutes.) Worse, it comes across loud and clear, and makes you even more undesirable…

A daily review of the employment fallout around the country and the world.

Today’s Total: 4,145

Xerox is planning 2,500 worldwide job cuts this year… Beginning Feb.5, 700 workers in Wayne County, MI will be given furlough every Friday… Another 585 layoffs lie in the future of the Lloyds Banking Group Nuclear Fuel Services in Erwin, TN will be temporarily laying off 150 employees… In preparation for budget cuts, the Portland School District considers serving approximately 100 teachers with layoff notices…

A daily review of the employment fallout around the country and the world.

Today’s Total: 2,701

The closing of a hog plant in Iowa owned by Smithfield Foods will mean the loss of 1,450 jobs. … Columbus, Ga.-based TSYS plans to lay off 400 workers worldwide. … Some 338 layoffs are rolling out across the San Francisco Municipal Transit Authority, beginning this week. … Sitel will cut 250 workers at its Starkville, Miss., location. … Stanley Furniture Co. in Martinsville, Va., plans to lay off 200 employees. … One-third of its staff, about 50 employees, will be let go from Honolulu department store Shirokiya. … Luzerne County, Penn., will lay off 13 employees. … The Commerical Appeal newspaper in Memphis, Tenn., will cut 9 positions. …

A daily review of the employment fallout around the country and the world.

Today’s Total: 8,789

European car maker Peugeot Citroen has cut 5,700 French jobs… Finnish ship engine maker Wartsila Corp. plans to lay off 1,400 employees world-wide… 800 teachers of the Vancouver School Board are receiving warning letters which prepare them for the possibility of layoffs… Florida’s Broward School District will eliminate 475 jobs unless a budget cut is made… Maryland Gov. O’Malley’s proposed budget includes the elimination 0f 202 positions, 158 of which are vacant… The proposed Kansas City budget for 2010-11 includes 187 job cuts, 107 of which are vacant positions… The Charlotte Observer is laying off 25 staff in response to declining revenue…