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BusinessWeek: Revisiting the Face of ‘Necessity Entrepreneurship’

Though Sara Clemence and co-founders Laura Rich and Lynn Parramore conceived Recessionwire as a “pop-up” site that would fade away as the economy recovered, Clemence says she thinks the site will live on, albeit with less frequent updates.’s MainStreet: Recession: Getting a Lot Worse?

As Recessionwire’s Laura Rich explained to us, “Just as the technical start of the recession in Dec. 2007 didn’t feel like the recession for awhile, we’ll feel it for awhile even after it ends.”

Crain’s New York Business: Recession-linked firms eye next move

Laura Rich insists that she won’t miss the recession—even though she runs a Web site that bills itself as “a user’s guide to the recession.”

Capital: La Crise a Bouleverse le Mode de Vie des Cols Blancs (The Recession has Interrupted the White Collar Lifestyle)

Like many others, Sara and Drew have given up…taxis for the subway…

Mashable: How to: Launch Your Own Indie Journalism Site

Laura Rich: Do it! But have a good plan for keeping the site fresh. Either consider posting several times a day with smaller bits, or post even just once a day with something meaty…

RFI: New York: La Bombe du Chomage (The Unemployment Bomb)

Sara: In New York, for many people, your job is a big part of your identity…

French Elle: Pas de Job Mais Pleins d’Idees! (No Job But Lots of Ideas)

They could be the heroines of a new television series: Recession and the City…

Philadelphia Inquirer: Putting the fun in unemployment

Sara Clemence, who cofounded…heard her laid-off friends using the term funemployment in early 2009, but officially defined it in April: “A period of joblessness that you actually enjoy – maybe you get to lay out, sleep in, work out, read up.”

Business News Network (Canada): The Upside of A Downturn

Millions of people lost their jobs in the recession, some decide to turn their misfortune into opportunity. BNN talks to Lynn Parramore , Co-Founder of the website The website provides tips on budgeting, advice on coping with job losses, the latest news on the economy.

New York Post: When the Going Gets Tough, the Unemployed BLOG

Recessionwire, which offers daily “Recession Briefings” and layoff updates as well as a steady feed of other items about the downturn, was likewise born out of an impulse to serve other recession victims. “It’s a public service,” says Sara Clemence, a former employee of and Domino magazine who started the site with two fellow media vets.

MSN Money: Recessionwire: Economic news with attitude

What’s our new favorite source for recession news with a wicked twist? It’s RecessionWire, a site we found thanks to our partner blog Wise Bread. It bills itself as “the upside of the downturn.”

Times Online (U.K.): America Revels in “Funemployment”

Lynn Parramore…joined with two of her unemployed New York friends to set up Recessionwire, a website promoting “the upside of the downturn”. Among the recent trends it reported was cheaper cocktails at strip clubs…

Forbes: The Recession is Great

Were you really happy about the job before it ended? If not, what can you now change that you couldn’t before? The Web magazine Recessionwire (subtitle: “The Upside of the Downturn”), whose founders were themselves laid off from other companies, has nursed this idea of reinvention over the last half year.

Better TV: How three women are dealing with being laid-off and how you can benefit.

The New York Times

A Site Chronicles Ways to Adapt in the Downturn

“Two editors who were laid off from Condé Nast Portfolio could rage against the recession, but instead they hitched their wagon to the downturn by starting up a Web site, Laura Rich and Sara Clemence, former assistant managing editor and lifestyle editor, respectively, for Portfolio’s Web site, teamed up with Lynn Parramore, an author and academic, to create a “user’s guide to the recession…”

Recessionwire has also been featured in:

AOL’s WalletPop



Globo (Brazil)

Grazia (Italy)

IVF News

PC World

The New York Times



…and many others

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