A daily review of the employment fallout around the country and the world.

Today’s Total: 8,789

European car maker Peugeot Citroen has cut 5,700 French jobs… Finnish ship engine maker Wartsila Corp. plans to lay off 1,400 employees world-wide… 800 teachers of the Vancouver School Board are receiving warning letters which prepare them for the possibility of layoffs… Florida’s Broward School District will eliminate 475 jobs unless a budget cut is made… Maryland Gov. O’Malley’s proposed budget includes the elimination 0f 202 positions, 158 of which are vacant… The proposed Kansas City budget for 2010-11 includes 187 job cuts, 107 of which are vacant positions… The Charlotte Observer is laying off 25 staff in response to declining revenue…

And you thought credit card companies held all the…well, cards.

Now they’re getting battered by the recession, as some consumers get smart about credit, and others get so broke they can’t pay at all. Then there are the new rules coming down from Washington.

So credit card companies are changing the way they play (a little). Lenders are actually getting friendlier…

Going to opera and the theater feeds the soul, but drains the purse. As a result, LearnVest brings you some budget-minded ways to enjoy the performing arts:

1. Join a Membership Group

In cities that support a major opera house, there is often the option to join a young subscriber club, often called a “BRAVO! Club.” For example, the Seattle Opera’s BRAVO! Club is available for people between the ages of 21 and 39. Membership costs $65 per year and provides discounted tickets (as much as half off!), special member events, and complimentary wine and coffee during intermission. To give you an idea of their usual prices, tickets for the upcoming show of Falstaff in the Dress Circle cost at least $140…

A daily review of the employment fallout around the country and the world.

Today’s Total: 4,589

Philippine Airlines plans to lay off 4,000 workers to avoid bankruptcy. … In Turkey, Izmir Demir Celik Sanayi AS will cut 177 employees. … As part of a restructuring plan, Cadence Design Systems in San Jose, Calif., will lay off 120 workers. … The Moraine Berry Co. in Dayton, Oh., will see 105 employees let go as a result of a focus on digital operations. … Douglas Battery Manufacturing will cut 90 workers with the sale of its industrial battery unit in North Carolina. .. Meredith Corporation cut 45 employees. … Boeing laid off 36 employees in its NASA Kennedy Space Center location. … The Reno, Nev., fire department issued 16 layoffs on Friday. … Eight to 10 employees are expected to be laid off this week by the city of Juneau, Alaska. ..Up to 450 employees could be cut from the Des Moines school system, including 300 teachers, depending on the budget. …

There are a lot of people without jobs out there, and there are not a lot of openings. No matter how anxious you’re getting about your unemployed state, about a stalled career, about running out of money, just trust me–when you land a new gig, there are things you will miss about not having a job. So enjoy it while it lasts.

Here’s what I miss most:

Eating healthier

I ate way better when I didn’t have a job. I had more time to shop and cook and less stress-induced sugar cravings. Plus, there’s no vending machine in my house. I miss taking my time at the health food store and farmer’s market, hunting down healthy bargains and cooking up dishes that were good for me.

Being fitter

Less money for transportation means more walking and biking. More time on your hands means more time for the gym.


No explanation needed…

Feeling stuck in a job you hate? Get in line.

A recent survey of 5,000 households found that only 45 percent of Americans are satisfied with their jobs right now, the lowest level on record since the Conference Board research group began issuing the annual survey 22 years ago.

Why don’t these unhappy employees just leave if they’re so bummed out? It’s the economy, stupid. With unemployment levels at record highs, quitting a gig that pays the bills is not high on everyone’s list of comfortable risks…

A daily review of the employment fallout around the country and the world.

Today’s Total: 500

Sykes Enterprises, Inc., a Milton-Freewater, OR based call center, is laying off 300 employees due to “the cyclical nature of contracts”… Universal Music Group has laid off 50 employees across its labels and divisions… 45 positions will be eliminated at the Fort Worth, TX Star Telegram40 attorneys and staff are being let go from the nationwide offices of Seyfarth Shaw… North Carolina plant Pepsi Bottling Ventures is cutting 35 jobs, about 20 percent of its workforce…

The Year of One

by Laura Rich on January 14, 2010 in Entrepreneurship

Of all the year-ahead prediction lists we’ve seen out there, one caught our eye for its thoughtfulness and perception. Small Business Labs, the blog of Emergent Research, a trend analysis and forecasting firm, sees a coming year of going one’s own way, from individuals to businesses. The theme for this year may be “solo.”

1. The Shift to Contingent Workers Turns Employees into Entrepreneurs: Employers large and small are shifting from full-time employees to part-timers, freelancers, outsourced services, partnership arrangements and other forms of contingent workers. They are doing this to save money and increase business flexibility. Despite the economic recovery, 2010 will see the contingent workforce grow as companies continue to limit hiring of full time staff. Many of these contingent workers will create or work for small businesses.

2. Personal Businesses on the Rise: Enabled by the Internet and low-cost information technology, the number of personal businesses (one employee businesses) has grown twice as fast as the overall economy over the last decade and exceeds 22 million. With the unemployment rate remaining high and traditional employment options limited, 2010 will be another year of strong growth in the number of personal businesses. The growth in personal businesses will also result in an increase in overall small business formation and numbers in 2010.


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Screwed: 1,000 at Suncor

by Sara Clemence on January 14, 2010 in Work

A daily review of the employment fallout around the country and the world.

Today’s total: 975

Calgary-based energy company Suncor will cut another 1,000 jobs after laying off 1,000 in 2009…Pfizer is slashing 450 at the former Wyeth headquarters in Upper Providence, Penn. … More than 200 city workers could lose their jobs under a new budget proposed for Tempe, Ariz….