Laid Off Guide

Losing your job can be confusing, liberating, scary, exciting, depressing—or likely, a combination of all  of the above. But rarely is it easy. Recessionwire’s Laid Off 101 has the tips and tools you need to get through the transition and on to bigger, better things.

The Just-Laid-Off Checklist: What to do in the first hours, days and weeks after losing your job.

20 Things to Come Through When Someone Loses a Job: Pass this one along to your friends and family.

Severance 101: Everything you need to know about those scary papers.

The No Health Insurance Survival Guide: Lost your health insurance too? Creative ways to get covered.

Dealing with Debt: Credit Cards: How to start getting your debt down.

Dealing with Debt: Mortgages: Cutting costs on your home loan.

Laid Off? Tell Your Landlord! Property owners are cutting costs for jobless tenants.

Definition of Funemployment: Learn to enjoy it!

Could Blogging Cost You Your Unemployment Check?</a>: Jobless people are battling the bureaucracy.

Discounts for Unemployed People: Special deals just for you!

Saving a Marriage After Job Loss: Unemployment can take a toll on your relationships.

Laid Off Twice, Not So Nice: Advice for people who have had a double-whammy.

Getting Laid Off and Going Back to School: Were you really meant to be a chef? DJ? Comedian?

Should Yuppies Take Food Stamps?: You’re not the only one wondering.

Unemployment Increased My Sex Drive: More good news about not having a job.

For job hunting advice, visit our Find a Job page.


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