Find a Job

Expert advice on how to find a job in a recession.

The Truth About Job Sites: Here’s how you should really use them.

Networking without Lying: How to be honest about looking for a job, without looking like a loser.

Government Money for Your New Career: There’s money out there, and you should be making the most of it.

Repositioning Your Resume: A media guy goes for a job at a zoo…

Mashable for your Resume: Ten great social sites for making sure your C.V. gets seen.

The Pre-Interview Checklist: How to go in there with your guns blazing.

Body Language Guide: What to watch in the person who’s grilling you.

The 5 Questions You Should Ask an Interviewer: Hint–one of them is not, “Will you hire me?”

How to Turn a Phone Interview Into a Face-to-Face: 8 tips for getting the gig.

How to Sell Yourself without Looking Like a Jerk: Not only do you not like bragging, the people watching it don’t either. How to self-promote and keep your pride.

Your 30-Second Commercial: Formulating your own personal pitch.

How to Negotiate a Job Offer in an Employer’s Market: Even when competition is stiff, you don’t have to take what you’re offered.

The Zen of Job Hunting: To find a job, stop looking for one.

The New Freelancer’s Tip Sheet: Whether you’re transitioning into freelancing or just trying to make ends meet, here’s what you need to know.

Finding Cheap Office Space: Need a place to hang your briefcase? How to track down an affordable desk.

Job-Hunting Tax Deductions: What you need to know about breaks from Uncle Sam.

How Not to Look Desperate: No matter how tough a time you’ve been having, that’s the last impression you want to give a prospective employer.

Podcasting for Jobseekers: A new way to set yourself apart from the pack.

C.E.O. Job Searching Tips: What you can learn from the experiences of top execs. twitterbanner

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