Screwed: 650 in Hawaii

by Olga Tchoumak on November 13, 2009 in News,Work

screw 150A daily review of the employment fallout around the country and the world.

Today’s Total: 1,388

The good news: Iowa Gov. Chet Culver is close to formulating an agreement that may prevent 479 state government layoffs.

The bad: Hawaii state layoffs begin today and expect to effect 650 employees by the end of the year… Upwards of 500 San Francisco union workers face layoffs, pay cuts, and job reassignments… Cincinnati’s Metro has laid off 19 full- and part-time workers and will be letting go of another 101 employees, including unionized workers, part-time employees, and full-time administrators… Newsweek is planning approximately one dozen staff layoffsAnheuser-Busch is laying off 45 hourly workers from its Manitowoc plant… Mayor Reichert of Macon, Ga. intends to layoff 31 city employees… Australian game developer Krome Studios is laying off up to 30 employees from its Brisbane studio… Santa Clara, Calif.-based factory equipment maker Applied Materials is cutting up to 12 percent of its workforce… An undeclared number of layoffs are to take place at Sinclair Tulsa Refining Co. as it merges with Holly Corp…

Screwed: 5,000 at Lloyds

by Olga Tchoumak on November 11, 2009 in News,Work

screws 150A daily review of the employment fallout around the country and the world.

Today’s Total: 5,735

British lender Lloyds Banking Group will cut 5,000 jobs by the end of next year in its insurance, retail and administration departments… Adobe is laying off 680 employees, 9 percent of its workforce… Catevo Group, a PR firm in Raleigh, N.C., is closing its office Nov.13 resulting in 25 employee layoffs… The city of Plainfield, N.J. is cutting 25 unfilled municipal positions and expects more layoffs in the future… Rumored layoffs expected at Zac Posen and GucciRichard Petty Motor Sports has begun laying off employees.


question-mark-chart-150Says who: Mark Zandi of Moody’s

“Small business tends to lead the way out, and that’s just not happening here.” (via USA Today)

Why it might be false: It might be false because we might be due for a slight redefinition of “small business.” In recessions and other periods of some job loss, more businesses tend to be created. Entrepreneurs are energized, and others are just looking for a way to generate some income. In New York, laid off Wall Street executives have been launching companies in part through a Bloomberg-backed incubator funded with $45 million. In the state of Colorado, the number of new business registrations has increased over last year…

one screw 150A daily review of the employment fallout around the country and the world.

Today’s total: 5,310

First, the (relatively) good news: Few employers announcing layoffs today.

The rest: At British Airways, about 4,900 employees will lose their jobs. …Creekside Mushrooms in Penn. plans to lay off 260 workers. … In Grand Rapids, Mich., 150 people may be let go. …

Screwed: 495 at NetJets

by Olga Tchoumak on November 6, 2009 in News,Work

three medium screws 150A daily review of the employment fallout around the country and the world.

Today’s Total: 696

NetJets will lay off 495 pilots nationwide…Wachovia Corp. child care center is laying off its entire staff of 130 Chevron will be cutting 25 operations and management jobs from its Alaska workforce… Up to 25 employee layoffs may be announced on Monday from the Cooley Dickinson Hospital Goodwin Procter has laid off 21 second-year business law associates

question-mark-chart-150Says who: U.S. Commerce Secretary Gary Locke, as the department reported a 3.5 percent growth in the GDP in the third quarter following six quarters of decline.

“Today’s numbers indicate that the tough decisions this administration made to rescue the economy from the abyss were correct. We’re headed in the right direction, and even though there are still too many Americans out of work and still much work to be done, without the action taken in the early days of this administration, the pain families are feeling today would be much worse.” (Commerce Department press release)…

screw 150A daily review of the employment fallout around the country and the world.

Today’s Total: 737

Fortis Bank Polska may lay off 361 employees200 Milwaukee county workers may receive layoff notices at any time… Boeing’s Missile Defense Systems is laying off 69 employees in Huntsville… Pratt & Whitney laid off 45 workers yesterday at three locations around the country… Princeton University is laying off 43 employees and cutting hours on 18 other positions as part of a new budget cutting plan… 10 positions were cut at the Frederick County Health DepartmentThe Wall Street Journal is closing its Boston bureau, resulting in up to 9 layoffsTarget Corp. has cut 8 percent of its downtown Minneapolis corporate marketing team… Thousands may face layoffs in the Hawaii Department of Education if a federal judge blocks teacher furloughs…23andMe has undergone restructuring and an undeclared number of layoffs

screws 150A daily review of the employment fallout around the country and the world.

Today’s Total: 183

The Good News: After a 20 percent workforce cut Deyaar Development will not be laying off any more employees.

Approximately 100 hourly workers at the Ford Stamping Plant in Woodlawn are facing a week-long layoff… Butler Sheriff’s Office will lay off 40 deputies if no other budget solutions are found… Tulsa is laying off 21 police officers and issuing seven-day layoff notices to 16 non-public safety officials The town of Carbondale is laying off 5 workers while giving others furlough and instituting wage and hiring freezes… Features Director James Reginato has left W magazine and more layoffs are expected Arizona school system is facing a possible massive teacher layoff next year due to budget cuts… Time Inc. is carrying out layoffs in its Time, Money, Fortune, and Sports Illustrated departments before the Thanksgiving break…

question-mark-chart-150How so: With the Dow Jones Industrial Average nearing the 10,000 mark, it would seem good times are coming back. The last time it was around 10,000 was last fall, and it was just one short year earlier when it hit its high around 14,000. Remember that? Back when we were all swimming in cash, vacationing in St. Bart’s, shopping just because we felt like it… (You were doing that, right?)

Good signs: The macros are up, from the DJIA (in March we were talking Dow 5,000!) to strong earnings from Google and Apple to a strong showing from the almighty GDP, and even housing data is on the move (well, sales at least, although foreclosures continue their nightmarish rise). Is this change we can believe in?…

A daily review of the employment fallout around the country and the world.many small screws 150

Today’s Total: 5,940

Mahindra Satyam may lay off 5,000 benchers after assuring that there would be no more layoffs…CNH announces plans to lay off 300 staff membersGeorgia-Pacific will lay off 300 workersInternational Paper in Oregon lays off 230 workersQuest plans to lay off 60 staffers in its Wallingford, Conn., testing facility… Workforce Solutions will lay off 50 employees