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Recessionwire, a user’s guide to the recession, launched on February 9, 2009. The site chronicles the “upside of the downturn” through personal stories, helpful advice and reportage on the changes underway in these hard times. Regular features from countless contributors include Lemonade Makers who turned a tough situation around; Recession Lexicon, your guide to the new language of the day; and The Recession Will End… which keeps an eye on economic developments.

Recessionwire is on Twitter and Facebook, and is part of the Federated Media ad network.


Sara Clemence (right) is a writer and editor who is currently a travel editor at the Wall Street Journal. Her work has appeared in a wide range of publications, from Forbes to Marie Claire, the Arizona Republic to Wired.com. At the end of 2008, she saw her position as lifestyle editor at Condé Nast’s Portfolio.com evaporate. Three weeks later, she accepted a position with the popular shelter magazine Domino—but it folded that same day. She’s also been an enterprising newspaper reporter in Alabama and upstate New York, and an editor at the New York Post and Forbes.com.

Lynn Parramore (left) is a freelance writer, producer, and creative consultant whose curiosity has driven her to do impractical stuff ranging from teaching in a remote Czech village to launching a dot-com after the last crash. She holds a doctorate in English from NYU, where she has taught essay writing and cultural theory. Lynn has written a book on Egyptian influences in Western culture (Reading the Sphinx; Palgrave, ‘08), and is the founding editor of IgoUgo.com, the Web’s largest database of first-hand travel reviews. Upon waking up in November to find half of her freelance gigs MIA, she started learning the ukulele and studying Depression-era cultural trends.

Laura Rich (center) worked most recently as assistant managing editor of Condé Nast’s Portfolio.com—until the company sadly began shedding jobs in late 2008. Her prior layoff experience came in 2001, with the folding of the-unbelievable-ride-it-was Internet bible The Industry Standard, where she was senior editor and penned the Rich List column. She was also editorial director at Inc.com and Fastcompany.com, penned a column for the New York Times, and authored the Paul Allen biography The Accidental Zillionaire. As well, she is likely to start websites — having earlier launched relationship site Doomed or Destined — or launch a book group focused on timely economic and geopolitical topics, as with the Blank Slate.

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