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by the Editors on December 31, 2009 in Culture

2009 end of year 200In 2009 we lost our jobs, launched Recessionwire, found new gigs, lost one and left another, found new new jobs and freelance work, made countless new friends and learned more than we could have imagined. It’s  been kind of awesome, thanks in no small part to our readers. We love you! And here’s what you loved to read on Recessionwire in 2009…

10. In October, we suggested readers Get Their Recession Scare On, with our downturn-themed Halloween costumes like the Bear Market and the Housing Bubble. Hilarious, even though we left out Sara’s idea of tossing on a plastic poncho and going as TARP.

9. Bad enough to lose your salary—the Incredible Shrinking Severance Check adds insult to injury.

8. We’re thinking the peeps over at Groupon may have helped boost our Recession Obsession post about the discount site.

7. In a down year, you were looking for cheap uppers—like the New Feel-Good Movies.

6. Because some of you couldn’t totally stop spending, our list of Best Sites for Discount Shopping by the fabulous Julie Greene was on the hit list.

5. Apparently y’all don’t know how to cook. Margaret Savage’s 10 Tips for Learning to Cook from Scratch got read a ton here, and made the rounds of food blogs.

4. Sara actually used a tip from 5 Questions You Should Ask an Interviewer, when interviewing for a new job!

3. The many media types who have been tossed out of jobs responded to Laura’s savvy advice on the New Rules for Old Careers.

2. Given the state of the job market, we weren’t surprised that our Just-Laid-Off Checklist, with advice on what to do when the ax falls, made the top 10.

1. Sex still sells. In the most popular installment of our Love in the Time of Layoff series, Twanna Hines explained how to get Cheap Sex when you’re pinching pennies.

Honorable Mentions

Recession Lexicon: New words bubbled up in the crisis, and we spread the word early with funemployment, mancession and nouveau poor.

The Recession Will End…: Of course, you wanted to know when the downturn would become an upturn, and we examined answers–including Nouriel Roubini’s–in our weekly series.


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