Holiday Parties for the Unemployed

by Sara Clemence on December 9, 2009 in Unemployment

Folampshade on head office party business clothes 200r once you get to lord it over the Goldman Sachs suckers, my unemployed friends. Sure, they’re getting record bonuses this year, but do they get a holiday bash?  Uh-uh.

Meanwhile, around the country, people are organizing company parties for the company-less. (In case you missed seeing your co-workers get drunk in totally inappropriate clothing choices and then clumsily grope each other.)

Tonight, Out of Work Chicago is holding a holiday party for laid-off peeps at the AON building. A Portland, Ore. event next Friday features (of course) a band.

In New York,Redemption Bar and Grill is throwing a party on Dec. 14 for “hardworking New Yorkers who’ve been ‘scrooged’ out of their company holiday party. ” It’s clearly not meant for the jobless, though, since the Effen Holiday Punch is  $12.

Finally, in case you’re still going to a company party—say, your spouse’s, WalletPop has a guide for how to be unemployed and awesome.


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