Twenty Months of Recession, 15 Minutes of Fame

by Sara Clemence on August 4, 2009 in Culture

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Seems like half the planet is filming the recession—or trying to. Next month, our friends over at The Recess Ends will unveil the documentary they spent four months on the road shooting. Back in May, NBC pulled its casting notice for what seemed like a downturn-themed Apprentice. We’re not sure what happened to Fox’s controversial “Someone’s Gotta Go” series.

Feel like you missed your shot at being a recession celebrity? There are more opportunities out there:

Be in a Documentary
A San Francisco-based documentary team is making a 30-minute version of their short on reinvention in recession. They’re looking to interview people who “have found the crisis to be an opportunity to reassess what really matters in life and make positive changes.” They particularly want those in Northern California who have been laid off, lost homes or investments, made career changes, or work in directly related industries (real estate, credit counseling). Send an email to

Make a Documentary
Filmmakers (or aspiring ones) can submit short movies to The Blackout Film Festival until August 15. This year’s theme is The Great Recession, and the organizers are especially looking for people in the financial industry. The films can be anywhere from 10 seconds to 10 minutes long, and they “don’t have to be highly polished.” Ticket sales for the Sept. 15 festival will benefit Food Bank of NYC. And even if you don’t submit, check out the charming trailer.

Be on BBC
The producers of What Not to Wear are looking for women aged 21 to 35 in New York area (New York/New Jersey/Connecticut/ Philadelphia) who need to get out of major debt and are willing to make changes to get straight financially. Your parents need to be willing to be in the show, but you can’t live with them! Email with your name age, contact info, photo, debt information, why you think you’re a good candidate and what your relationship is with your parents.

Be in a Web Video is doing web series called Pink Slip Lemonade, much like our Lemonade Makers, about people who have been laid off and are doing something interesting and positive with their time, whether it’s getting fit, exploring culture or starting a business. For more, email


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