What Recession? An Airline for Your Pet

by Laura Rich on July 15, 2009 in Culture

dog aviator plane 150Pet Airways launched Tuesday with the tagline “Travel for your best friend.” And “where pets fly in the main cabin, NOT in cargo!”

Well, thank goodness for that. If your pet has been roughing it in this downturn, good news is that Pet Airways is here. For just $300 *each way*, you can send your pup from New York to Los Angeles and back. If you want to meet him there, you’ll have to find your own way. So far, only dogs and cats are welcome.

The pets will be treated to regular bathroom, feeding and play stops along the way, and they will each have their own carrier spot where seats usually go. Flight attendants will check on the pets en route every fifteen minutes.

The real sign that boomier times are here? Pet Airways is booked for the next two months.

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