Top Ten Jobs for Grads

by Olga Tchoumak on May 7, 2009 in Culture,Lifestyle,News,Work

graudation caps 150The quest for employment isn’t hopeless for the class of 2009! There are promising jobs out there, if you know where to look.

Commencement for 2009 graduates is quickly approaching. The search for entry-level employment is never easy for recent grads, and today’s economy is no help. It seems like a fair share of students, myself included, fear graduation day like the rest of the country fears layoffs. According to the Job Outlook 2009 survey of the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE), employers plan to hire 22 percent fewer grads from the class of 2009 than they had from the class of 2008. Don’t panic! There are a number of jobs that look promising for 2009 grads. Here’s a list of ten (in no particular order), based on statistics from NACE and the Bureau of Labor Statistics:

1. Accountant and auditor
Straight forward and self explanatory. Accounting majors are on a direct path to this always-in demand career.

2. Database administrator
Careers in information systems management are on the rise as database systems are becoming an integral part of all business, big and small. Perfect for computer science or information systems management majors.

3. Electrical engineer
Engineering majors can branch out into an array of concentrated fields. This one remains a promising choice.

4. Mechanical engineer
See above. Talented engineers remain in demand.

5. Network systems and data communications analyst
Analyze, design, and test network systems. Great for computer science or information science majors.

6. Marketing manager
One of the various jobs in a firm’s marketing department, this position requires the delegation of the firm’s resources for marketing purposes.

7. Sales manager
Have leadership skills and a Bachelor’s in Business? Become a sales team leader in one of many sectors, including consumer goods and finance.

8. Financial analyst
Yes there are still jobs in the finance sector, in particular those involving quantitative analyses of fiscal information. Great for finance, economics, business administration, accounting, or statistics majors.

9. Management analyst
Business administration majors would be a good fit for this job, which involves the evaluation of an organization’s systems and procedures in an effort to increase efficiency.

10. Personal financial advisor
Ideal for accounting, business, finance, economics, mathematics, or law majors, because it involves a little of each. Advisors must maintain a client base and review clientele information regularly, as life and economic changes may alter a client’s financial plan.

This list may appeal to Business and Engineering majors, but that’s not to say that other jobs, like teaching and registered nursing, will be unavailable. In fact, the education and healthcare industries are expected to grow through 2016. And no matter what position you’re aiming for, many employers have reached a consensus on the qualities they’d like to see in recent grads: strong communication skills, the ability to work in a team, and having relevant work experience.

Happy graduation, Class of ’09!

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