Best Blogs for the Recession

by Sara Clemence on April 21, 2009 in News

blogger layoff chart 150Why didn’t we think of the hilarious chart over at On notebook paper, it “graphs” the number of blogs against the unemployment rate. Jobs down = blogs up.

We don’t have numbers to back that up—as wordyard explains today, it’s hard enough to tell how many people are professionally blogging—but it at least feels true. There are dozens, if not hundreds, of new websites about budget living, job hunting, economic policy, layoffs and more. A Google search for “ unemployed and blog” turns up more than 3 million results. “Laid off and blog” gives you more than 7 million.

So how to distinguish the smart, funny and useful from blather about not having a job? Last week, we compiled a list of the Top Ten Blogs for Surviving the Recession for our friends at Here’s an expanded version of that list to bookmark if you want to understand the latest news, cut your spending, or get a damn laugh.

Fresh, useful advice on spending and earning. Who knew that you could save cash by busting open batteries?
Recent Posts

The $40 Hidden Inside a 12V Battery
Top 5 Ways to Hustle Free Drinks

Smart (and smart alecky) commentary on the current economic environment.
Recent Posts

Business Cards 101: How to impress the crap out of people with card stock
Diaries of a Temp, Chapter 17: Tony Micelli: An American Hero

Feeling Up in Down Times
Substantive advice on dealing with difficult times, written by a psychologist.
Recent Posts
Soothe the Stress: How to Meditate to Anything
On Bubbles—Bursting and Otherwise

The Daily Bail
News and perspective on the financial crisis and the bailout.
Recent Posts
Insomnia Cure: Listen To Larry Summers Talk About The Economy
Eliot Spitzer Wants Back In the Game And Deserves A Second Chance

Broke Ass Gourmet
How to eat and drink well for less. Also, they talk about sex.
Recent Posts

$5 Dessert—Cinnamon-Sugar Doughnuts

Zins for the Brokeass

How I Got Laid Off
Real stories from real people about how they lost their jobs.
Recent Posts

I just had a feeling in my gut that day
Teacher Left Behind

Laid Off and Looking
The Wall Street Journal follows eight MBA’s looking for employment. Lessons from smart people about job hunting around the country.
Recent Posts

Balancing Paid Consulting and a Job Search
Advice: Do References Matter in the Search?

Pink Slipped
Job-hunting news and advice from (Full disclosure: they’re one of our partners.)
Recent Posts

How to Fail Your Interview [You're doing it wrong!]
Health Care Succumbs to the Recession [All the jobs are gone]

Unemployment Haiku Weekly
Just for fun—three-line poems about You Know What.
Recent Posts

I’m Not a Stalker
Like the Indians

The Recession Diaries
The Root’s blog about how the downturn is affecting Americans.
Recent Posts

Forever Frugal?
I’m Raising Two Kids with Less Money

The 405 Club
An online community for unemployed people in New York City
Recent Posts

Stuff Unemployed People Like
“I Now Pronounce You Insured”

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