Downturn Deals: Price Cuts on Haircuts

by Sara Clemence on April 15, 2009 in Lifestyle

haircut 250Clothes go on sale, cars go on sale, even food goes on sale. But when was the last time your hairstylist offered you a discount?

Well, maybe now. As people reduce their spending, hair salons have been taking a hit. Women are waiting longer between services, and cutting back on the extras. In a recent Baltimore Sun story, a stylist recalled a client who was reluctant to pay for her regular highlights; he convinced her to do just the front and sides. The other night I met with the C.F.O. of a French cosmetics company, who said that while they haven’t seen a drop in skin care sales, shampoo is a different story. Which sort of makes sense—your skin is forever, a hairstyle more temporary.

As a way to serve their communities (and, of course, bring in business) salons around the country are offering recession specials. In Los Angeles, some are offering donation-only services, or complimentary bang trims for current customers. In New York, a few deals are specifically targeted at people who have lost their jobs. You can also sign up for training classes at salons or beauty schools, but here are a few high-end spots trimming prices:

Marie Bove

27 East 20th St.
On Mondays, laid-off people who bring in proof of unemployment can get 50 percent off any service. “As a salon we can see how bad the recession is effecting the community, so we wanted to do our share to help out as much as possible,” says the salon manager. “Being an established hair salon for 20-plus years, we truly see that it makes people feel better when they look better, and it helps boost the morale.”

Salon Eiji

601 Madison Avenue
Starting tomorrow (April 15), the first 50 new salon clients to make an appointment will receive a complimentary hair service if they bring in their job termination notice. To make up for lost savings, the salon is matching drops in 401 (k) plans with discounts of up to 25 percent on cut, color and treatment services. If your taxes have gone up, bring in proof and get the same off highlights and haircuts.

Ted Gibson
184 Fifth Avenue
Gibson normally charges several hundred dollars for cuts, but on “Recessionista Tuesdays” they will be priced at $75. A blow dry is $40; color treatments are also $75. (Thanks to NYC Recessionista, where we spotted this one.)

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